Having a large backyard is a commodity that not everyone can have. Many times, people have to make do with a modest-sized backyard and conserve enough space to build a garden in it. However, a mini landscape garden can still be as exciting as a larger garden, with the right mini landscape garden ideas of course. If you need inspiration, check out these 5 simple ideas!

1. Old-school mini landscape garden

You can never go wrong with following classic mini landscape garden ideas like this one. Utilising a raised garden bed and natural stone paving, this design will make the garden feel larger than it is. Plus, the classic design is lovable for everyone.

A mini landscape garden with installed natural stone paving gives a broad feel.

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A mini garden with elegant decoration gives a fresher feel.

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A mini garden landscape with a classic design combined with natural stone paving makes it look more charming.

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A mini garden landscape ideas with wooden raised garden and natural stone paving floors make the garden look beautiful and classic.

A mini garden landscape with brick raised garden bed and distinctive color accents cant give a classic impression.

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2. No-lawn corner mini landscape garden

Who says a patio can’t be built in a mini landscape garden? You can still build a mini patio in the garden by placing the chairs strategically. For example, if your garden’s only vacant space is in the corner, then build a mini patio in that same corner. Then, decorate it with a mini garden for the finishing touch.

The simple idea of a mini garden landscape with wooden table and chair to fill your mini garden design.

By placing a table and chairs in the corner of a mini garden and complete with mini garden can make your backyard look interesting.

A garden design with the placement of tables and chairs in the corner can make your mini garden look beautiful. This place can be used to enjoy drinking wine with the charm of a mini garden.

A garden with a beautiful white bench and round table can give a more elegant accent.

A patio in the mini garden combined with natural stone walls and several tables and chairs, giving the impression of elegance. To freshen up your garden complete with some plants.

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3. Minimalist, low-maintenance mini landscape garden

Even the idea of a mini landscape garden requires you to be productive with garden maintenance, and it will remain boring. If so, try this low-maintenance mini landscape garden with a minimalist design.

A mini garden landscapes with long wooden bench and artificial green grass can make you easy to maintain your garden.

A mini garden landscape decoration with simple style and not too much plants, makes you easy to maintain.

Minimalist garden ideas with L-shaped benches and combined with a fresh green grass are easy to maintain.

A garden decoration that located in the backyard with easy maintenance plants can make you easy too to keep clean and beautiful. .

A wooden bench with cushion accents and soft foam combined with a minimalist garden are suitable for easy maintenance your garden.

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4. Cosy, contemporary mini landscape garden with cushions

Because the space for gardening is limited, you’d have to be wise with the plant placement. One good trick is to arrange the plants right behind the patio, preferably with a bench instead of individual chairs. That way, not only do you save space, but you also add charms to the patio with the plants. 

The combination of the garden with rattan bench asked and neon color cushions creates an elegant impression.

The backyard garden combined with a long bench and some patterned cushions creates a sense of comfort. Plant your plant in the raised garden bed easy maintenance and neat look.

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A landscaped mini garden in the backyard of the house with L-shaped wooden benches and plants placement behind the bench can make your garden looks nice.

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A contemporary landscape mini garden with bench and colorful pillows gives a fresh and comfortable feel.

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The minimalist wooden accents in the mini landscape garden combined with benches and some plants in the raised bed to make you feel comfortable.

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5. The small chic mini garden idea with faux-grass rug

Grass on the ground can give the impression of a large garden area, even if the actual garden size is small. While natural grass is limited to the garden only, you can expand the grass atmosphere to the patio with a faux-grass rug. For maximum result, use a long bench that surrounds the grass rug instead of individual chairs.

The backyard garden with accents fake grass garden combined with wooden benches to make it more comfortable.

You will be more comfortable in the garden by installing fake grass and complete with comfortable seating area.

An interesting idea with a combination of rattan benches and green grass can give a cool and comfortable feel.

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The combination of wooden bench with fake grass will make this garden look even more green and beautiful.

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This chic mini garden with fake grass combined with garden accents and beautiful flowers on the edge of a wooden wall can freshen up your garden look.

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All things considered, which mini landscape garden ideas would you like to have first?