5 Money-Saving Tips to Create the Best Rustic Floral Arrangement

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Decorating our homes with colourful flowers will surely be something pleasing and soothing to our eyes. That would be more adorable if you get the flowers from your garden. So, the following are 5 money-saving rustic floral arrangement ideas that can be applied at home. 

1. Rustic Wood Flower Planter

It is one of the rustic floral arrangement ideas that are worth a try. Simple and beautiful! You can make your wood flower planter or buy one that is already on the market. After that, arrange your pretty flowers inside.

Beautiful colorful flowers arranged in the rectangular wooden box to beautify the fence of the house.
The green fence of the house that decorated with flowers arranged in wood planters cam create a rustic vibe in your garden.
Arranging some flowers on the wooden pallet boxes to create a rustic impression in your garden.

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Placing wooden planter on the porch that as place for flower arrangement can make your porch looks cheerful.

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A floral decoration using unused drawer that used for floral place can give a rustic vibe to your home.

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2. Mason Jar Floral Arrangement 

Flowers can be an attractive decoration in your rustic room. For that reason, use mason jars to create a more rustic vibe. This floral table arrangement idea is also suitable for wedding decorations.

Floral arrangement that place in the mason jars are a simple idea to create a rustic in your home. Use a wooden beam as a placemat to reinforce the rustic feel.
To create a rustic vibe in your home decoration you can use a mason jar as place for floral arrangement. Decorate the mason jar with lace to beautify the decoration.
There is a simple way to create a rustic vibe in your home. Place a mason jar floral arrangement on the table and you have been created a rustic decoration.
Mason jar are wrapped in burlap and lace with pink and white roses to inspire your rustic flower arrangements.
A mason jar wrapped in burlap and lace with white flower arrangement to inspire the beautiful rustic decor.

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3. Milk Bottle Flower Arrangement

Rustic is also famous for its unique and catchy decorations. So, if you have many used milk bottles at home, don’t throw them away! Use them as flower vases. After that, arrange your flower-filled milk bottle in a wood planter or basket.

The milk bottle used as a vase with some pretty flowers on a piece of wood is a great idea to this table decoration.

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The simple rustic decor with floral arrangement that placed in the unused milk bottle. Place near the window so that your home will be more beautiful.
To create simple rustic decoration in your dining table you can use an used milk can as a place for floral arrangement. Place at the centerpiece and get the awesome rustic decoration.
Beautiful flower arrangement idea that placed in the aluminum milk can and fill with fresh roses are a simple idea for table decorations.
An amazing wedding table decoration with used milk bottle to create a rustic feel. Fill the milk bottle with some flowers and using a wooden beam as a placemat. This decoration will be more feel rustic.

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4. Perfume Bottle Arrangement

Transform your used perfume bottle into a charming flower vase. For the right type of flower to this DIY project, you should choose lily. You can also mix and match bottle sizes or shapes to form a unique decoration. To make it more festive, you can display different types of flowers, too.

An attractive home decoration by using used perfume bottles that have been transformed into flower vases. Arrange the flowers inside the perfume bottles. You can use different size of perfume bottles to get a unique decoration.

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If you have an unused perfume bottle you can take advantages to create a rustic vibe in your home. You can use as a place for floral arrangement. Place near the window to beautify your home.

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Rose is a symbol of love, place it on the perfume bottle as a vase to create a romantic atmosphere in your home. Beside that it is a simple way to form a unique decor in your home.

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Perfume bottles that are not used can be occupied by flowers to decorate your home. This is a good idea to get a simple rustic decor without spend much your money.

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White flowers placed on the perfume bottle can create a simple rustic impression to your home decor.

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5. Watering Can Floral Arrangement

It will be an amazing and unique decoration idea for your rustic home. For creating a more rustic look, choose a watering can that made of metal rather than plastic ones. Finally, fill your watering can with seasonal flowers and place it as a wonderful centerpiece or for garden decoration.

The centerpiece decoration of a beautiful dining table with lavender and watering can as a vase for an attractive rustic decorating idea.
An amazing centerpiece decoration with white watering can as a place for floral arrangement and candles for your dining table decor inspiration.
An attractive rustic decor in the garden with flower planters from watering cans, milk cans, and buckets made of zinc.
A beautiful flower arrangements with old watering can and colorful flowers to beautify your home decoration.
Charming wedding decorations with painted watering cans as a place for floral arrangement and spades to hang the “wedding” word. This decoration is so rustic.

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Got some exciting inspiration from our rustic floral arrangement ideas? Be creative with whatever is around you to produce beautiful works of art!

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