Having a small house is often confusing. That’s because we have to think extra about how to arrange the room in the house so that it can be arranged neatly and beautifully. For a large room, you can freely put a variety of furniture that you want, but for a small room, you should think about how to arrange all the existing furniture but the room still looks spacious and comfortable.

With this condition, you should think of an appropriate interior design you apply into your home room. Here, we take the example of a living room. Living room is one of the important rooms that everyone can be there. With the house that isn’t too big, you can make a small living room that is comfortable and neat there. So, for that. below we present some pictures of small living room that you can make as the inspiration. Look at the pictures below!

In designing a room, color is something that can give the impression in a room. Therefore, you can use neutral colors like white to be the color of the walls in your living room. White is able to give a broad impression in a room, so this color is perfect for a small room. For the sofa, you can choose the size of the sofa that is suitable to place in the living room. You don’t need to put a large sofa because it will make the room become full. And for furniture, you only need to put important furniture so that the room can look spacious.

So, for those of you who are confused looking for interior design from a small living room. You can use some pictures above as your inspiration in designing a small living room in your home. Make a small living room that is comfortable and neat although the living room is very small. Good luck!