An architectural world does not only issue beautiful designs in a classic modern house made of wood and brick. However, now increasingly developed with extraordinary metal house design. Besides providing a new program in the world of architecture, building houses with metal raw materials will have the highest level of security. How come? A house with metal raw material will protect the threat from any danger.

The design of a house with metal raw materials will look more prominent. Using metal material you should combine it with classic wood shades. Made with wood and metal as raw material is a proof that the traditional is able to be updated with extraordinary creativity and sleek design. A strong metal layer will protect wood from any danger both weather and other organisms. Make your home last as long as possible. No less with minimalist home designs, modern homes not only have beauty but also promising functions and security.

The advantage of building a metal house is that you don’t need to think about ornaments that are too detailed, because basically, metal houses have only a few ornaments. In building a metal house, you also don’t need a lot of color touches. Just provide a combination of two or three colors so that your metal house still looks magnificent. The style of metal houses is usually inspired by industrial style houses in the middle of a large area. Despite having a large land area, a metal house is not too concerned with a porch. So you will save a little budget.

For a metal house make sure you have a good lighting source. Because the metal house will be completely closed. The installation of several hanging windows is a very appropriate decision, because it can provide enough light during the day.