Commonly, to find your clothes is not easy especially if you have such a massive collection. Here, a proper closet system will be really needed. It is important because when can provide a good system, then you’ll definitely able to make a good clothing arrangement. In hence, your clothing overhaul will be simpler if you design it into an open cupboard. It lets you see all things inside your closet.

However, if you think that some of your stuffs need to be covered then it is ok! to add the door for some parts. It means that not all part of the closet is closed. In this case, you can add small door into one or two cabinet spaces. Or, simply add closed shelves where you can put your underwear and other private stuffs. If it is not possible, you can simply put boxes or storage into the shelf.

Due to the need in picking easily your clothes, you have to categorize it. It means that you should put your clothing based on each type whether top wear or bottom wear. Even more you can categorize again your top wear into the t-shirt, shirt, blouse, etc. Moreover, for your dresses, it is better for you to hang it so that your dresses won’t be tangled. Do the same thing for your coat, jacket, and any clothing that not recommended to fold.

Consequently, you have to provide some kinds of space into your closet. Let’s say that you need to install the hanger space whether in low or high vertical space. Then you have to provide small spaces for your small clothing like stocking, handkerchief, underwear, and more. At last, for the common space, you can put your folded clothes like t-shirt, trousers, and skirts.