For some people, having a garden is like a treasure. They make it as a plus point of their home. A garden is usually set as a family spot to dinner, have a commercial garden, or just a place to get relaxed. That’s why, choosing the right setting for a garden is really important to create a good ambiance.

French country garden style knows the need of a cozy garden well. It offers a garden that tends to be romantic, flowery, and little but fairy. Can you imagine that? If you have no inspiration to make your garden with French country garden style, let this gallery be your guideline. Check this out!

If you are those who are into flowers, French country garden is the right style to have. It allows you to plant the flowers you love. Also, planting flowers is one of the way to make your garden more beutiful. Lavender, baugainvillea, roses are some examples you can have for your French country garden. Moreover, it is not only flowers, you can also plant some orange, pomegranate, lemon, and cypress trees surround the garden.

In addition, providing seats or dining area sounds interesting to enjoy spare time with family in the garden. Pea gravels and wicker chairs create the impression of inviting that are surrounded by boxwood and cypress. Furthermore, for an aesthetic reason, some build a medieval pigeonnier with manicured lawn. To get the nuance of more private, stone wall idea offers the solution. Build it surround the garden with a wrought-iron gate leads to more greenery. On the other hands, an 18th-c. terra-cotta statue of Bacchus seems to be a great idea to strengthen the feeling of historic French garden.