Do you love going to the beach to refresh your mind? Why don’t you bring the nuance of beachy and coastal style into your house, especially living room decoration. As living room is the place where you and your family get together, it becomes the right room to apply this decoration.

Bluish, beige, brown, white, and navy are some colors that can be brought into your beachy and coastal living room style. This style guarantees you to get a comfortable yet inviting ambiance. Besides, it will also inspire everyone who comes. If you do not have any idea yet, let this article be your guideline.

The good news state that this beachy and coastal style is suitable for any living room concept. You are even able to modify this style based on your need. But, the greatest characters of this style is that it makes your living room gets breezy and versatile. Let’s talk about the examples. A sandy color pallet of the chairs is choosen to combined with blue and navy cushions. Touches of blue is perfectly reminiscent of the sea and surf. Then, the next example is the uniqueness of striped sofa on beachy blue and grey paired with soft blue cushions. A whute coffee table is the right complement for this striped sofa.

Moreover, to get a more airy living room, insted of having beachy style, it is better for you to give space for large glass windows so that you get a larger living room impression. On the other hands, for those who want to have a minimalist living room, bring largely white color scheme with slim and streamlined furniture. Adding a white rug is all your decision to make your living room fabulous. In addition, you can also play with texture or pattern to your rug. Like a stripped rug in blue and white seems nice to pair with patterned blue armchair.