Sofa is always at home, whether it’s a guest room, family room or bedroom. The presence of the sofa there is as a seat. But sometimes someone also uses the sofa as a media to beautify a room. That makes the sofa have a lot of nice designs. And sometimes it will make someone confused to choose it.

With time, the sofa can’t only be used as a seat. But many people have made the sofa into a functional work. And that is by making the sofa as a storage area under the sofa. Usually, someone keeps the item in the cabinet or shelf. However, now you can try to make a sofa equipped with a storage area. To make it clearer, we have a few pictures from the sofa with storage below. Let’s see it!

The pictures above are the sofa design which is equipped with small storage there. You can see, with a creative idea, someone is able to create amazing works. From now on you can buy a sofa with storage. When the furniture store doesn’t provide it. You can go to the carpenter and show the sofa design you want. With that, the carpenter will make it for you. However, you should also pay attention to the sofa size. You have to adjust it to the size of the room you will use to put the sofa. and for color, it just depends on your like.

Having a sofa with storage is a profitable thing. With that, the sofa doesn’t only function as a seat, but it also functions as a unique storage area. You can choose an open or close design and adjust it to your needs. But if you choose open design, you must be diligent in keeping the items there to keep them neatly arranged. Good luck!