In short, a living room is the main part of a house. This is what causes the design of a living room is often a conversation. As we know that the design of a house is a general description of the character of the owner. So before you design the inside of your living room, make sure you like the concept you chose. For example, with modern concepts, classics, or a warm style farmhouse. Maturity of a concept will help you in choosing the right furniture.

The concept of a modern room cannot be separated from neutral colors such as white and light gray. Both of these colors became very popular after the advent of the concept of modern space that is much favored by most people in this country. You can try the interior design of a modern room starting from the living room which is the center of a house. Combining neutral wall colors and the unique floor motif you are installing and some complementary furniture will make your living room very beautiful.

In contrast to the design of a traditional living room where almost all furniture comes from wood. The concept of a modern living room has been designed in a very fitting and international style. As is the case with window and curtain designs. A modern room uses long curtains and window sizes that tend to be wide. This aims to get the best light source, so you will not lose air and sunlight in the morning and outdoor beauty.

L sofa design is the most suitable sofa style for a modern room. The color of the sofa is deliberately harmonized with the feel of a neat room, so that it becomes a unity without cutting color. Add some cushion is an amazing sweetener on your couch. You can use the lamp design as an extraordinary decoration, because besides lighting up the night with the style of the chandelier will make the room more beautiful.