Everyone dreams a well-organized kitchen. It must be clean and sleek. But, what about if we have lots of cutlery? How could we organize them to avoid being cluttered? All we need is storage. There are lots of idea of cutlery storages that are great. Some of them can be made by yourself. They are easy and cheap. You just need a creativity and some time to make them.

Spoon is one of cutlery that must be clean. We have to make sure that spoons are ready to use with steril condition. So, it is a must that they are stored well. The followings are some oxamples of spoon storage you may try at kitchen.

As we mentioned before that there are a wide range of spoon storages ideas. The simples storage is using your drawers. Put them in the drawer so that they are reachable for you to use them at anytime. It is better for you to have a divider or partition to separate any kinds of spoon, tea spoons or table spoons, forks, or ladles. Trays are also one of the ways to separate your cutlery in the drawer. Moreover, you can go rustic with Mason jars. Recycke them to be a spoon storage. Have some to accomodate the amounts of your spoon or knives. To look more fabulous, you can put your Mason jars in a wire basket so that it looks tidier.

On the other hands, if you have deeper drawers, you can store your cutlery vertically. It surely eases you to pick the ones you need. The next idea comes from those who want to save the space because of small kitchen. Hang storage cans on the wall, then put your spoon and other cutlery in the cans. You are possible to hang this storage behind the door or near the sink. A wire basket is the next kind of cutlery storage for a wooden spoon and kitchen utensils. You can also hang it on the wall and have a free space under it to put other stuffs. As there are many ideas of spoon storages, now choose the one you can try to make your kitchen well-organized and adorable.