Choosing a kitchen floor is easy but a little difficult. Because the kitchen floor is exposed to oil, flour, water and also food. Maybe talking about the kitchen floor is a trivial thing, but the kitchen floor is a very important thing. Besides having to have beauty value, the kitchen floor must have security. Selection of the right ceramics will give the maximum impression in creating the beauty of the room. For the selection of motifs, the kitchen floor should use a type of ceramic that is textured and not too shiny. Because the glossy kitchen floor will be very slippery when exposed to water or oil.

Big and small ceramics you should adjust the area of the kitchen floor, for a small kitchen minimalist ceramic size may be more suitable. The colors and motifs of the kitchen are also a concern, neat motives will give the impression of charming in the room. Gray ceramic motifs can give the impression of luxury in the kitchen room. Gray ceramic colors will match with other furniture in the kitchen such as a kitchen set or a stunning island kitchen. The gray color can give the impression of classy and elegant in the room.

White marble tile gives the impression of light and airy. Marble motifs tend to have unique and beautiful motifs and are different from ceramic motifs in general. With motifs of fine lines make an artistic impression and far from being bored. Complete with a few bar stools and a wooden kitchen to create the perfect natural feel.

Ceramic flower motifs can be an alternative to ceramics integrated with nature. There are many floral patterns to choose from that suit your kitchen. If you like the classic feel, a choice of ceramic wood motifs can be an alternative. Complete your kitchen with a modern wooden kitchen set.