Fire place will be one of the important things in your living room that should be provided. It is because fire place will influence the comfort feeling while you are enjoying your time there in fall or winter. Moreover, it is something necessary for you to serve your guests whether your family or friends with the cozy and comfortable atmosphere no matter how the weather goes.

Since fire place is something that is used to warm up the temperature so that it will be in harmony if you have your fire place in rustic style since this style has certain warm impression with its rural look. Anyway, if you still want to have a modern home design, then it is possible for you to have it by combining the modern style with the rustic one. You can do it by giving the rustic brick some colors that can indicate the modern style.

For the modern touch as it has mentioned before that you can do it by giving some colors that can represent the modern style. Here you can use the neutral colors like black, grey, or white which are really work well to create such a modern impression. You can apply the color into the bricks only or you can have it for around the bricks spot like the wall along the fire place.

The way you paint the bricks can also in different technique. If you want to make your modern design looks more industrial, you can manage to paint the bricks into the unfinished look. It is great if you choose the white or grey color to create the unfinished paint look. Moreover, you can paint the bricks by using the color combination like white and grey, or grey and black for your extra unique look.