In decorating a house, the first thing that you must do is to choose the concept. There are many concepts that you can use, such as farmhouse, rustic, minimalist modern, boho, and others. With the many concepts, the farmhouse remains an idol. Although in the modern era, there are still people who build houses with this concept. The reason is that it’s very simple and can give you warmth.

When choosing a farmhouse concept, you must think about the interior and exterior design. With the right design, the house will be amazing of course. With so many designs to think about, the front yard is one of the most important parts. When someone visits your house, they will pass the front yard. With that, you have to design the front yard to be more beautiful and amazing. Like some pictures below!

Front yards are the first assessment of your home. With a clean and beautiful front yard, someone will give you a plus mark. However, when the front yard is dirty, someone will judge it badly. So, the front yard is a place that really must be considered. Because it’s related to farmhouses, farmhouse landscaping is what you must do. One easy thing you can do is to plant various plants on the edge of your entrance. You can plant it in a pot or just plant it on the ground. Then, choose a rock as the entrance media to your house. It really will be a beautiful look.

So, for those of you who wan landscaping with the farmhouse concept. You can use the pictures above as an example. Make a front yard like the picture above so that people who come to your house will feel amazed. If you have free time, you must try it from now on.