Yey! It is superb exciting to talk about kids bedroom. As many people may think it is challenging to set up their kids bedroom, but there is a feeling of satisfaction if we can do it well for our beloved kids. But, when you think to tidy up your kids’s stuffs you may think to get the best storage solution since you know, your kids will easily take over your space with their stuffs. 

So, as parents you may look for the best storage to educate your kids to tidy up their stuffs by themselves yet the bedroom still look nice without spending much cost. The followings are some ideas of storages for your kids room that are very reachable and inspiring. Here they are.

Let’s start with the bathroom first. If you find some difficulties to tidy up your kids’ stuffs in the bathroom, consider to have bath toys organizer. What you need are a shower curtain rod, some berry plastic crates, and a zip ties. Then, just connect them to the side of the tub and store all of the stuffs in the crates. Hung these colorful berry plastic crates on the wall to store your children small toys can be another solution as well. For boys, playing with cars are the thing they love the most. So, to make them get excited to store their toys by themselves is just make them a matchbox on the wall. You can even make it by yourself to store all your boy’s cars in a neat order.

The next ideas get you easier tips. Think to have some large container to store your kids large stuff or toys like dolls. Get the ones which are colorful to attract your kids. Besides the containers, you can opt a big rattan basket to accomodate laundry supplies. Hang it on the wall then your kids laundry supplies will be well-organized. Furthermore, to store their clothes, a chalkboard dresser sounds a great idea. Label it with the name of clothes so that they do not need to be confused where to find the ones they look for. Well now, which storage is suitable for your kids room?