The facade of the house is a picture of the beauty of the house itself. Home facade is the face or description of a house, where the facade will show how the character, impression, uniqueness and luxury of a building. The facade of the house is the first thing that will be seen that represents the overall exterior design of a house. So someone will be able to judge the character of the house from the facade of that house.

The facade of the house or the face of a house can be seen from the exterior design or interior design of a house. To show the uniqueness and characteristics of a house that is considered a face will appear from the outside of a house. So it is compulsory for an architect to describe the beauty of a building through several exterior designs. So that someone will be able to instantly assess the characteristics of a house from its exterior design. The exterior design of a house can be highlighted from several sides, such as how the entrance design, roof design, or the style of a window.

The window is the part of the house that cannot be left behind. The window is a medium in a house to get a source of light and air, no wonder if a window is designed as unique and interesting as possible for strong reasons. Now the design of a window more and more variations and styles that support the appearance of a house, this depends on the design of the house itself.

An example is the type of frosted glass, or the type of stained glass that is commonly found in luxury homes. All use of this type of glass must be adjusted to the needs and types of houses. Frosted glass design makes your home look personal without having to lose the beauty of the beautiful outdoor scenery. For your minimalist home design, you can choose a window folding screens design that adds a sweet look to your minimalist home. With the addition of curtains, the window that originally was just ordinary will look more beautiful you know! Installation of windows according to the needs of the house will display the extraordinary facade of the house.