Nothing more splendid than having a private pool at home, right? When you need to get relaxed after a whole exhausting day or spend spare time with family, swimming is the interesting activity. Your swimming pool is a great idea since you can do swimming privately at anytime you want.

Besides, having a swimming pool can save your time and cost. It means that you do not need to go to a public swimming pool and spend some money to pay it. Well, since a swimming pool is something common now, there are some designs of swimming pools you can try at home.

A good swimming pool makes you feel like on a vacation. Enjoying the beautiful setting surround and the unique design are all what pamper you more. In summer, your well-designed swimming pool is the inviting spot. There are some ways to make it more private by adding seats and lighting. Furthermore, you can play with shape. Rectangle is not the only shape of a swimming pool. You can have some unique shapes to reach an inviting swimming pool.

Then, the next aspect to consider is abput the surrounding. You can blend your swimming pool with a light stone tile border and gravel walkway to make it naturally match with its surrounding. In addition, the important thing to consider is your favorite corner. Add seats and umbrella to enjoy your after swimming time while drinking wine. Decorate ot with cypress trees, and terra cotta tiles and oversized planter so that it gets you cozier. The greenery will make your swimming pool impressive and change it into a relaxing retreat.