Green is the color of nature that will really work well if you want to create a peaceful and warm impression for your home. Not only for your interior design, but also for your exterior design. You know that a good exterior design can be really useful to create such a good first impression for your guests or those who walk through in front of your house, that it is so much worthy to have it a great design.

For the application, you can have it for your wall and pole. It might be possible for you to have it in all outside part of your home including the wall but it can make your home looks boring with all green looks. You know that you have to give balance to make all things look good because if you can’t give balance then you will destroy the pretty side of those things.

The part that you can give balance on it is the window. Give another colors that have the possibility to be matched with green color. For example, you can use white, black, or creme. Those colors are the neutral colors that will be really flexible to match with any color including the green color. To make a good harmony, then you can give the same color between the window and the pole.

Don’t forget with the roof! You should also give another color for the roof not to make your exterior design looks boring. Use the darker color for the roof so that it won’t look pale easily since it will be the part that exposed by the sun, the rain, snow, or any weather effect so much. You can choose grey, black, or dark brown as your roof color. Those colors are also the neutral colors that can work well with any color shade.