Do you like swimming but you do not have much time to go to a public swimming pool? How about having your own swimming pool at home. Just don’t be worried if you only have small free space. You can even make it a small beautiful swimming pool idea that can make you relaxed all the time when you are swimming.

Backyard is the most commonly used place that is suggested by some designers to have a swimming pool. It is because swimming needs a private place and backyard makes it perfect. The followings are some pictures of small yet impressive swimming pool you may love.

As we discussed above that you do not have to be worried of having small space in the backyard. Make a small swimming pool to spend your spare time doing your hobby. Though it is a small swimming pool, you will get pleasure, exercise, refreshment, relaxation, and an attractive water feature. Make a swallow swimming pool with letter shaped. Use glass tiles to complement the white plaster pool. This idea will surely create a relaxing moment when swimming. Get your swimming pool more private with wide fence. If your swimming pool in the backyard near the patio, you can provide seats like beach chairs or folding sunbathing chairs for two or three so you can enjoy sun bathing after do your morning swimming.

Moreover, do little effort to beautify your area surround the pool with flowers or shrubbery. To make more stand out pool, paint the inside part of the pool with brighter color like blue or white. Consider to have a water fountain to give a natural impression. For a perfect swimming area, you can provide a BBQ pit and set out a dining table with chairs and you are ready for pool party event with family. So, all the way you set up your swimming area is to make the nearest and cheapest recreation spot for you. Have a nice day, everybody!