Undoubtedly, that pink is the girls color. I do really sure that pink color will never fail you for your girls bedroom decoration. In addition, pink represents the impression of cute, sweet, and charming. In this case, those three characters are really fit for girls. Moreover, it is also able to bring out the harmony and inner peace which are really proper for your girls mood.

For the application, in case you can’t have it only for one single part because that won’t be enough then add it for some other part. The first part, you might focus on the wall. Here you can apply the color as the wall paint or you can do it to create certain pattern and pictures. After that, as the sweetener you should also consider to have it for the furniture, ceiling, or or rug.

Anyway, not to make it too much, you should also mix it with other colors. In this part, make sure that you choose the right color to fit the pink color like white, ivory, beige, or purple. In hence, you could also have it in the same pink color but with different shade. For example, you can combine between the bright pink to the soft pink or dark pink. That kind of combination is so much better than to have it in one single pink shade.

Importantly, while choosing to have the color combination, don’t forget that here you are going to create the pink theme room. So that you have to manage not to make the other additional colors dominating the room. It is because you will lose your main purpose of the decorating process. After all, to have a really proper bedroom for your girls, simply do it with love!