When you build a house, you have to think about the interior and exterior design. Interior design is related to how the decoration is inside the house. The interior design such as the selection of walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, colors and lighting. And exterior design, it deals with terraces, courtyards, carports, doors, windows, gates, gardens and wall paint.

The exterior is very important because it is the judgment of people who see your house. When someone passes in front of your house, surely they will see your house. And they will definitely judge how you design your home. So, designing the exterior of a house is something you must do. And, one easy way is to choose a door with window as the door design in your home. Like some pictures that we present below. Check it now!

Many door designs that you can choose. But we recommend you to try the door with a window. With this item, the look of the house will be more unique and attractive. Like in the pictures above, you can see how beautiful the door with window is, rather than the window in general. For example in one of the pictures above, the design of the door with a glass window can give a different look. With a design using glass, then you can also immediately see outside the house without having to open your door.

So, for you who have plans to build a house. You have to try the door with a window like a picture above. With that, the look of your house will be different from other houses. Choose the design that you like, and then start looking for it in a furniture store near your house. Try a different look at the house with the presence of door with window there. Good luck!