Setting up your laundry room is as exciting as setting up other rooms. It may be similar to set up a kitchen that needs storages and organizes some stuffs. As laundry room is an important room used everyday, it must be well organized to avoid being cluttered. One of the ways to organize your laundry room is by providing storages to accomodate laundry supplies, detergen, brushes, and so on.

A tidy laundry room will make those who use it feel comfortable. It is no matter how large your laundry room is, it must be clean and enjoyable. There are some ideas of storages in yout laundry room, such as baskets, drawers, containers, and many more. The followings are the examples of storages in laundry room that you may use. Check them out!

If your laundry room is not large enough, you get the problem little bit complicated since you have to organize your stuffs in a every single minimal space you have. Using every single spare space is the key success of managing a tiny laundry room. A hanging wire storage would work great for storing detergent, dryer sheet, or shocks. Besides, you can maximize your unused space for hanging a rack or shelving corner. There are some ideas of wall shelf you can choose based on your need that fit to your laundry room.

Don’t let your laundry supplies get messy. Find some baskets or storage containers. For instance, put rattan baskets to accomodate your laundry supplies. This idea sounds good for functional and aesthetic reason. The next idea is using pedestal drawer under your washer or dryer. This smart idea of having pedestal drawer raises up your units, making them easy to access. If you want to buy a new washing or drying mechine, make sure that the pedestal drawer is available. Moreover, you can use a bookshelf for an extra storage and have a folding rack to hang your dry clothes before being ironed. Well, as there are some ideas of storages for your laundry room, you can opt the one which fits to yours.