In a home building, there is a room that sometimes not considered by the owner, even though the room is an important room. That room is the laundry room. Every day you will wear different clothes, it makes your clothes dirty and you have to wash them. Therefore, you need a comfortable laundry room in your house because you can go there 2 times a week.

With the importance of the laundry room at home, it makes you have to design it properly. The thing you should pay attention is the furniture selection and the placement there. You have to adjust it to the size of the laundry room available. So, for those of you who have the plan to make or redecorate the laundry room in your house. We present some pictures below that can inspire you. Let’s see!

Many designs of laundry room that you can apply in your home. If the room for a laundry room is only narrow, you should be able to choose laundry equipment such as washing machines, storage, hooks, and tables that correspond to the size of the room. Then, you can choose bright colors like white to be the basic color of the laundry room concept in your house so that it has a spacious and clean impression. However, if you have a large room, it will not be a problem when you put a variety of laundry equipment with a large size there. Don’t forget to also consider the artistic value in the room so that the appearance created is extraordinary.

So, make the pictures above as your inspiration and reference in designing or decorating the gorgeous laundry room in your home. The most important thing is the comfort and cleanliness of the room, so you have to be smart in choosing equipment related to the laundry room. Hopefully, these pictures can benefit you. Good luck!