Making a house look beautiful is everyone’s dream. However, sometimes someone feels confused about what way to make it. And actually, one easy and inexpensive way to decorate a house to be more beautiful is by placing flowers as decoration. Flowers are beautiful plants, so choosing flowers as objects for home decoration is a brilliant idea.

Usually, someone will put a plant with a pot that is used to beautify the room. But now you can replace the pot with a beautiful flower vase. All flowers have their charms. Moreover, added with a unique flower vase, that will make the flower more beautiful. So, for those of you who don’t have the inspiration to make flower vases as home decoration, we present a few examples in the pictures below. Let’s see it!

The pictures above are flower vases designs that you can place in your house. With the right combination of flowers and vases, it can make a stunning appearance there. Actually, you can use water plants for this, but sometimes someone is lazy to look for these plants, so they prefer to buy flowers in a Florist then place them in a unique flower vase. It’s also a very smart idea, but you have often to go to a florist to buy the flower because it will definitely wither and not fresh anymore.

So, from some pictures that we have provided above, hopefully these pictures can inspire you and be able to make you immediately have a plan to look for flowers and vases that are suitable to be placed in your home. You can place the flower wherever you want like a table in the living room, in a window, or make a floating shelf that specifically used to put the flower vase. Most important, you must keep the freshness of the flower so that it looks maximal. Have a try at home!