Be practical and functional! That is how a small kitchen goes. This concept is believed by some designers to get around with a small kitchen. As an important room at home, a kitchen should be designed well no matter what. But, if you just have a small space for a kitchen, you have to think what elements should be listed first to be put in the kitchen.

One thing you should remember that having a small kitchen does not mean you cannot have a beautiful kitchen with stunning look. Of course you can! Let’s have a look for some elements like the design and furniture you may consider. Check out the pictures!

There are some tricks to deal with small kitchen to make it perfect and enjoyable. Once again, you can be a professional chef though your kitchen is not very spacious. Well, let’s start thinking about the storage because it is important to avoid messy up tools. Put a windowsill, racks, or shelves as your storage. To maximize your space, you can have floating shelves and use the spare area under the shelves. Besides, use a standing rack to maximize your small space. The next idea is having a double sink if it is impossible to have a dishwasher. Keep one bowl for washing and one bowl for dirty dishes.

Considering open shelving to display your plates, bowls, or glasses sounds a good idea. This way can makes a huge impact and creates an airy impression for your small kitchen. Wall-mounted magnetic knife strips, rails to hang utensils, pans, mugs, spice jars and cutlery bins are the ones that help you to avoid cluttered working space in your kitchen. They surely make your workspace gets tidy. The last is about your kitchen color scheme. Get a simple one like dominant white that is believed can give larger impression for a tiny space. Apply it for the wall, floor, and cabinets are enough for effective effort of making your minimal space look larger than the real it is. So, be smart in a small kitchen, everybody!