You may spend hours in other rooms at home, but you just spend minutes in the bathroom. It does not mean that you ignore the functuon and design of your bathroom, right? A bathroom must be comfortable as it is the second private room at home after your bedroom. Designing your bathroom is also as exciting as designing other rooms. Though, some people think it is more challenging to design a bathroom.

One of the designs offered in this article is that a bathroom style using wooden material. This idea is amazing since it brings warmth and unique look. The followings are some of the examples of this idea. You can have this article as your guideline in making a cozy bathroom with wood. Check these out!

Wood is the next commonly loved material after stone that is integrated for a home decoration. Let’s begin with the floor. Wooden flooring is interesting option to talk about. Even, some designers put this idea as the must-have list for the house owner if he wants to increase the popular of the bathroom. Wood is a strong performer in a humid environment. Thus, it does not only deal with the floor, but also the countertop. Wooden countertop serves richly textures with smooth ceramic and metal fixtures that will pamper you in enjoying your relaxing moment in the bathroom.

The idea of having wooden material can also be seen in the form of sink and tubs. Wooden tubs seems to be more traditional like what Japan and Denmark have. Get the customized one from hardwood to get more interesting yet luxury tubs. Don’t forget about the maintenance. Do daily rinse with tap water to remove the soapy residue. Complete the design of wooden material with bright light to balance the scheme. Install LED lamps around the mirror or ceiling lamps to help lighting aspect. You may also add a round or square mirror to give elegant touch for your wooden elements. So, enjoy your time in the bathroom with amazing wooden elements.