In case you want to design your boys bedroom, thing that you should consider first is the color scheme. Here, don’t forget to make different between the girls and boys bedroom color scheme. Anyway, it doesn’t mean that you have to provide the color in dark shade because there are still some colors that can fit with boys. From all the color choices, you can choose green since it is not only unisex but also easy peaceful.

In hence, beside for its peaceful impression it is also able to bring fresh atmosphere. Basically those two things come because green is the color of nature. It is known that nature is really effective to create those two characteristics. That will be worthy because the atmosphere of the room can create such a good mood for your boys. In addition, they will be happy to stay at their bedrooms and spend their time to study and playing there.

Furthermore, for the application it self you can have it for the wall paint color. If you think that the green color is too boring to be applied in all sides of the wall, then you can combine it with other colors. However, you have to consider on the color chosen because if you choose the color that has strong impression the green will lose its impression. For your advice, you can choose white or creme.

As an addition, the other things that can be applied with green color is the ceiling, rug, or furniture. For the furniture, commonly things that have green color is the chairs, cabinet, or storage. For an extra decoration, you can even add pattern or picture that represent your boys favorite figures or hobbies. At last, whatever you do with your boys bedroom, do it with your love!