The design of a modern minimalist house tends to have limited land. However, the desire to have a comfortable home to live is everyone’s dreaming. Living in the middle of a big city makes you want a home that has a green garden that can make you feel comfort and make your room look fresh every day. However, limited land sometimes becomes your obstacle in designing a green land that consequently you have to reduce the size of other buildings. So that your desire to have a beautiful little garden cannot be fulfilled.

But, you don’t need to worry about this anymore. You will still have a small garden without reducing the area of other buildings. Because you can build mini garden in other areas. For example, by utilizing the window area which has only been covered with curtains. In a modern decoration design, whatever the shape, type and style can all be beautiful with a touch of creative hands?

The idea of creating a mini garden in the window area will show something new and will make the window area look beautiful and fresh every day. Moreover, plants still be able to grow well because they still get sunlight. To make a mini garden in the window area, there are several techniques that you can try, for example by hanging, by using shelves, or by sticking. You can hang plants with a rope attached to a wooden base or you can also hang the pot directly.

Another way to get a garden area on your window is to make a few wooden shelves or on your window sills. You can add several matching wooden blades to the color of the frame so that it looks like a shelf. So you can put several different sized potted plants between the shelves above and below. You can put a large size pot on the bottom frame. To get a more unique decoration, you can stick plants on the window. Use clear bases made from acrylic with the best adhesive and choose a float plant.