Windows are the part of your house construction that play an important role. It allows the air to come in and out. The essential role of the window is same as the doors. That’s why in every rooms in the house, there is usually at least one window. The windows also give airy impression of your room as you can open them in the morning till afternoon.

What makes windows have functional elements is that they beautify and complete your house decoration. Some designers think of the way on making the windows not only as functionalelements, but they also as aesthetical elements which support the impression of a room. One of the ways is simply adding flower vases near the windows to create natural touch. Pay attention to the following pictures to get some inspiring ideas on how to decorate your window with flower vase.

It is a unique way to display flower vases by the windows. Use glass vase like a bottle for one of the ways to put and arrange your beloved flower. In spring, you can opt some more flowers when they get bloom. Besides, putting the flower vases by the window will easily make your flowers get direct sunshine. Put more than one flower vases if you have larger windows that accomodate some beautiful flower vases. 

Prepare your glass flower vase and fill it with water, don’t fill it too much. There are wide ranges of glass flower vase that you can opt, like single bulb, single blossom, 3 to 5 blossoms, gift blossom, and so on. Then, choose the flower which has special fragrance or may be durable, like lilies, roses, tulips, and so on. Put them by the windows in your bedroom, kitchen, living room, and even in your bathroom. For more interesting look, you can have DIY flowers arrangement from some different kinds of flowers, or one kind of flowers with various colors. Feel the different ambiance before and after putting flower vases in your rooms. Enjoy!