You are now an interior designer for your own home. Your first task is to ensure that all furniture can function properly. To make sure everything works well, make sure you have a mature concept before you begin. When you already know the concept of interior design as a whole then you will understand what furniture you need so that everything will be appropriate. You need to know, that looking for several sources before determining the concept is very appropriate. You can see and make it into consideration in your concept.

After determining a concept, you must look for features that stand out, an interior design that is becoming a trend and much favored by modern homeowners. You must pay attention to all sides of the room, starting from the floor, walls, roof, and various complementary furniture such as lighting styles, curtain colors, to the sofa and cushion. Making everything look harmonious will add comfort to anyone who is in it. After you get a mature concept, everything will be easier.

In general, the concept of a modern living room will use a neutral wall color, with the addition of several windows as a good source of lighting and air. Because the concept of a modern room is anything that is multi-functional, not only beautiful but also beneficial. Neutral colors like white, beige, light gray, and peach colors are characteristic of a modern home. By combining more than one color that is still in one category will display a beautiful and comfortable room concept.

The impression of a modern room always shows a work of art that is creative, innovative, and quality. So that everything looks like a single unit. The color of the painting is intentionally aligned with the color of the wall, but on the part of the frame the owner intentionally uses the color of the corner as decoration. The combination of wall and floor colors is also of high concern. Modern room floor motifs are many classic styles that blend with nature such as natural stone, wood, or marble stones.