When you build a house, you definitely choose the best ceiling that suits your planned budget. Actually, lots of material that you can choose as material from the ceiling, including wood, plywood and gypsum. And for color, white is still the best choice for coloring the ceiling because it is considered to give the impression of roomy, bright, and clean. However, you can use other colors that suit the concept of your home.

Many designs or shapes from the ceiling that you can choose. However, to complete the ceiling at home, you must place a decorative lamp installed on the ceiling where placed in the middle of the room such as living room, family room, or bedroom. With a decorative lamp, the ceiling will be more visible and an elegant impression will appear with it. So, look at some pictures below about how cool the ceiling design with decorative lamp!

Decorative lamp has many forms, you can buy it according to the ceiling design and also the home concept there. When something builds with harmonious it will look marvelous, that also applies to all the decorations in the house that must be adapted to the home concept you have. So, you must choose a decorative lamp that can enhance the appearance of the ceiling in your home. If you want something different, you can choose a ceiling with a unique shape so that it can be the center of attention of the room. However, don’t eliminate the main function of the lamp used to illuminate the room in the house.

So, for those of you who are still confused about choosing decorative lamps to complement the ceiling at home, you can use some images above as your inspiration in choosing them. The pictures above are the best images we have chosen, so you can choose one of the designs above to be applied to your house so that the house look becomes even more amazing. It may be useful!