In order to give statement for your home from the outside, you can do it by applying such a bright color scheme. From all of the bright color choice, you can choose yellow because the shade of yellow color is quite similar with the beige color. As you know that beige is one of the neutral color which is really proper to be applied for your home decoration color scheme especially for the exterior design.

Probably you need to know the characteristic of yellow color first because you might need it to strengthen your intention to have it. Amazingly yellow color serves you with happiness and freshness so that the ambience is really great. You can transfer those positive energy for your guests or even more for people around your environment. Moreover, this color is also able to bring out hope and optimism which are really worthy to build your positive energy.

Most noteworthy is for the color application, here you can apply the color in the monochromatic style. Anyway, if one single color is too boring, you can combine it with other colors. Choose the colors that can blend well with the yellow color. For examples, because yellow is near with beige then you can choose beige color. Moreover, green or brown colors can also mix well with yellow. After all, choose the colors that you might think most adjustable for you.

For your advice, you can manage to apply the color into your front wall and the ceiling. Anyway, for the roof you can have it with another color. Because the roof will exposed by the weather especially the sun, then better for you to choose the darker color. Seems like the brown or beige colors are great. However, if you want the bright one the creme or light grey can be the best choice.