Having a living room with a fireplace is a nice touch that will give pleasantries and warmth at the same time. Is there anything else that can make one space feel much cozier than a fireplace, anyway? Regardless of what main interior style you’re going for, you’re the only one who can make your very own living room.

Mainly since the existence of a fireplace can pull everything together, remodeling or reconstructing a living room with a fireplace will always become an attractive weekend plan. By the end of it all, notice how much the living room has changed (and how much you want to keep staying there)!

1. Contemporary

Definitely not a modern interior style, a contemporary fireplace requires no such thing about standing out and overpowering impact. Create a contemporary living room with a fireplace that mixes perfectly to the surroundings, featured with a stone wall.

A contemporary living room with natural stone walls combined with a fireplace and soft black sofa in the living room.
A contemporary living room with a fireplace combined with artistic white natural stone with a white U-shaped sofa to get comfortable living room decoration.
Contemporary style living room with a beautiful sofa combined with stone fireplace and white natural stone walls for stunning living room.

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Natural stone wall elements represent the contemporary style of the living room. With a charming fireplace creates a warm feel to your room.

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Contemporary shades of living room decor comes from natural stone wall in the fireplace. It can enhance your living room decoration.

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2. All-Glass

Glass is well-known to be the material that exudes endless elegance, and it’s time to stray away from the traditional one. An all-glass fireplace can take as little or big as you want, but make sure you aim for a modern look.

Installing all-glass fireplace for you living room is very a good idea to create a modern look.
To get elegant living room you can place an all-glass fireplace. Place at the center of the room for a focal interest in your room.
Give a modern look in your living room by installing an all-glass fireplace. It can turn your living room become a modern vibe instantly.
For those of you who like an elegant vibe in your living room decor you can install all-glass fireplace. Complete with luxury furniture to get perfect decoration.

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A minimalist living room with all-glass fireplace is an easy way to get modern look in your living room decor.

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3. With Built-In Shelving

A fireplace with built-in shelving is best implemented in a floor-to-ceiling structure. You’re going to have more storage for your stuff, and this is the best function every little home needs at the moment.

A rustic home decor with stone fireplace and complete with shelves on beside are a good idea to get functional living room decor. The shelves can be used to store your ornament.
A shape decoration of the living room with a fireplace complete with luggage rack can create a comfortable living room.
A living room decorating ideas with natural stone fireplace and wooden shelves on beside gives a more practical impression.
A rustic living room with a fireplace and combine with driftwood shelves on beside to make you easy for storing your collection.
Elegant living room with artistic natural stone fireplace and bookshelf on beside to get neat and comfortable living room decoration.

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4. Copper

A copper fireplace rather than standard material like bricks or stone is also appealing enough to imbue that unique design you need in a simple living room. With its unique application and warm finish, it can also create an eye-catching focal point.

A copper material that used for fireplace is good idea to create a unique design in your living room. It can make your living room looks aesthetic.
For aesthetic look in your living room, you can install a copper fireplace. With a unique design and material it can turn your room more unique.
A copper fireplace that placed at the corner of the living room can make a room looks elegant and unique.
A large living room with copper fireplace is a good idea to make your room looks more unique and elegant.
A minimalist living room with copper fireplace gives an antique impression in the living room.

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5. White Painted Brick

All-white doesn’t only apply to the walls or furniture. You can try a white painted brick fireplace for that seamless mixture to overall room design. Just remember that once you wash them, there’s no going back. However, isn’t it a reasonable price to pay for a more stylish living room?

A rustic style living room with a white brick fireplace combined with a patterned rug to make an attractive look.
A rustic nuance comes from a living room decoration with white brick fireplace and floating shelves on the wall. It can create an aesthetic look in your room.
The living room décor that comes with a white brick fireplace is in line with the living room theme to get a harmony decoration.
A white painted brick for the fireplace that installed in the living room is very appropriate to get bright and stunning living room.
The living room with a beautiful white brick fireplace combined with a rattan sofa are an interesting living room decoration.

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Which living room with a fireplace is your poison?