Interested in installing a simple vanity in the bathroom? If so, there are several things you should pay attention to so that the results are more optimal. Moreover, a bathroom vanity can be a good solution to make some extra storage. So, follow the five tips below to pick the most suitable vanity for your wet room.

1. Know the Right Size 

The first point you should think about when installing a vanity is which size would best fit your bathroom. Sure, it is crucial to understand the standard vanity size that suits your bathroom needs.

To adjust a small bathroom you can use a small vanity. With a small vanity your small bathroom will look neat and attractive.
Having a small bathroom does not mean you can not put up vanity. Using a small vanity is one of the right ways but can make your bathroom attractive.

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If you want to have a vanity in the bathroom, and your bathroom is small, you can install a small vanity like in the picture above. It can’t take up to mach of your bathroom space.
Installing a vanity in a bathroom doesn’t mean you must have a large bathroom. Even though your bathroom is small you can install a small vanity to complete your bathroom design.
If you want to install vanity in the bathroom you have to adjust the size of your bathroom. For a large bathroom, you can attach a large vanity like in the picture above that looks interesting.

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2. Check the Availability of Space

After picking the right size, the next step is to look as if it doesn’t block your bathroom path. Well, there is nothing more regretful than investing in a large vanity which limits your movement in the bathroom.

Putting vanity at the corner of the bathroom is the right way. Because the location of the vanity will not block the path in the bathroom.
Laying vanity in the bathroom is also very influential for the appearance of your bathroom. Installing it at the corner of the bathroom will make your bathroom look neater and not interfere with activities.
Placing vanity on the wall so it doesn’t block the road in the bathroom is the right choice. Besides not blocking the way in your bathroom, it will also look neat.
Laying the vanity is very important in the bathroom. As in the picture above, placing a vanity at the corner of the wall is the right way to avoid disrupting activities.
A small vanity placed at the corner of the bathroom is the right way to avoid interfering with activities. Besides that, the right location can also affect the appearance of your bathroom.

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3. Determine Your Sink Needs

Some of the vanity bathroom cabinets are also in need of a particular sink. However, in some cases, they can feature a sink as well. That way, ensure you read every information available on the bathroom vanity products.

Using a small square sink for your vanity bathroom cabinet is perfect to enhance your functional vanity. With the drawer of the cupboard you can use to store your needs.
The vanity bathroom cabinet that has a sink is perfect for you to use because it is very multi functional. The simple sink can upgrade your vanity bathroom design.
Installing small round sink in your vanity bathroom cabinet are very suitable for your small vanity. This sink design is suitable for those of you who like a simple design.
To get stunning look for your vanity bathroom you have to determine with the sink. Choose the small round sink and classic single faucet to get matching look with your bathroom theme.
Choosing the vanity bathroom cabinet with small round sink is suitable for your small vanity bathroom. With the classic shape of the vanity bathroom can also beautify your bathroom.

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4. Choose One That Is Easy to Clean

A freestanding vanity is sure the most favorite choice among other types. However, bear in mind that this sort of bathroom vanity is quite difficult to clean. That’s because you will find many nooks or narrow corners within it, which means dust will be very easy to stick around them.

Using marble for your bathroom sink is the right choice. In addition to good materials, marble is also easy to clean.
The choice of ingredients for vanity in the bathroom is also very important. With marble and wood you will easily clean your vanity.
One material that is easy to clean for making vanity is marble and wood. With these materials you will be very easy to clean it.
Using marble for vanity bathroom is a good choice. Because this material is one kind of material that easy to clean.
Marble is the right material to make a vanity in the bathroom. Because marble is a material that is easy to clean and very suitable to enhance your bathroom design.

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5. Do Not Neglect the Faucet

You cannot always find faucets in every vanity product. So, try to do some research to get the most of your needs. Furthermore, if you’ve turned out not to buy vanity and sink at one time, try to recalculate its faucet holes as well as the distance between the two.

Installing the faucet under the mirror is the right choice because it will not disturb you when looking in the mirror.
One way to make your vanity look neat is to install the faucet under the mirror. Besides looking neat laying the faucet under the mirror also will not interfere with your activities.
Pay attention to the distance of vanity and sink is very important to get proper look to your vanity bathroom. You have to choose the faucet that the height does not bother you to look in the mirror.
If you want a unique look in your vanity bathroom you can choose round mirror and sink. And for the faucet you can choose in height shape because the distance of vanity and sink is rather far.
If you want a simple vanity bathroom your choose in minimalist design. As well as with the faucet. Choose in simple and low shape to get proper look between the vanity and sink.

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Here are all the tips you need to know before creating a simple vanity in the bathroom. Good luck with your next project!