A fireplace is meant to be nice and warm. It is the place where you can linger so long in front of it. While you get cozy, enjoy the flickering fire in a modern fireplace for winter. It can increase the room’s value and look clean. 

Get inspired by the following ideas. Whether it’s restyling the mantel or updating the screen, you will get the most of it.

1. Black and White

Modern furniture and design are about clean lines and geometrical shapes. One classic color combination that never goes outdated is black and white. This is a perfect design for white walls. Use black slate with white accents. Then, you can place a log holder and metal screen to tidy up the look.

The combination of black and white will create a classic feel that looks amazing. Decorate your living room with white walls and black hanging fireplace so that it will look more modern and beautiful.

Fireplace will provide warmth in your living room so that it feels more comfortable. Black fireplace on a white wall will provide contrast look and can create a classic feel so it looks stunning.

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The white living room wall complete with black fireplace is a perfect design in winter. Adding a painting above the fireplace will make your decoration look perfect.
Installing a fireplace in your bedroom will give you perfect warmth. Adding a black fireplace placed on a white wall will give you a beautiful look.

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2. Bright Colors

Bright colors are no strangers to a fireplace. Although a fireplace is meant to let out light that brightens the room, you can paint it in any bright colors you want. You know that bright colors make a clean and neat environment, right? 

Use some bright patterned to create a statement. You can also choose tone-on-tone white tiles to get a brighter look. Combine it with colorful items to make the modern fireplace for winter look fun.

To create warmth in winter installing a fireplace is a perfect idea. Bright yellow fireplace will make your room look more alive and neat so it feels comfortable.
Bright color fireplace to decorate your family room look neat and clean. Complete with colorful furniture to make your fireplace look fun.
Simple living room decoration with fireplace will give you the perfect warmth. Paint the fireplace with purple color creates pleasant nuance.

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To create a pleasant and beautiful feel of building a fireplace in the living room with bright colors is the perfect idea. Add some colorful furniture to make it look more festive.
Fireplace with purple color will give a pleasant modern feel in your living room. Complete with some colorful furniture so it looks more lively.

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3. Ceiling Height Fireplace

An idea to disguise the smokestack is by designing a ceiling height fireplace. You can use the empty space above it to hang a wall décor or TV. However, leaving it empty is acceptable as well. 

While the fireplace stretches up to the ceiling, any colors would fit. Black, white, bold, or natural colors won’t upset its height that stands out. Be prepared to have a great point of view.

Room decoration with ceiling height fireplace will give a modern impression in your living room. Leaving free space above it will look simple but still elegant.
Installing ceiling height fireplace will enhance the decoration of your living room so that it looks modern and gives warmth in winter.
High ceiling fireplace for your living room decoration will create a pleasant warm feel so it feels more comfortable. Use the empty space above to hang the painting so it looks more beautiful.
Modern high ceiling fireplace in the middle of the open shelves looks amazing to decorate your living room. Adding some ornaments to the open shelves will enhance your decor so it looks more attractive.
An amazing high ceiling fireplace with a glass frame will make your living room look luxurious and stay warm in winter.

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4. Dark Fireplace

A dark wall around the fireplace increases its cozy atmosphere. It helps you unwind and linger a little longer, especially during the cold winter. The dark color absorbs all heat and distributes it to the surroundings. If the mantel looks so empty, place a vase or pot to keep everything clean. You know that logs of wood can be a threat to your clean, modern house.That’s what we call great ideas of a modern fireplace for winter.

Modern fireplace with dark walls looks simple and more elegant for decorating your living room. Add some ornaments on the blank wall so that it looks more attractive.

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White fireplace on the dark blue walls will create a contrast that looks amazing. Add a TV above the fireplace to make it look more attractive and not plain.

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Dark blue walls which are equipped with fireplaces will create warmth and beauty in your living room. Adding hanging lamps and flower vases will create a pleasant feel.

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Installing a fireplace on the black wall will add a comfortable atmosphere in your living room. Adding dark color furniture and fur rugs will provide perfect comfort.

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