Putting everything in harmony might be the key to designing a garden. There are people who are gifted with eyes for the details. Meanwhile, some others might need particular rules to follow in creating their garden. To make your landscape garden design ideas come true, you may want to consider applying these basic principles:

1. Color

The garden is your canvas. There is a theory that classifies colors into its influences, depth, and contrast. For example, cool colors like blue and green are relaxing, while warm colors like yellow and red add excitement to the garden. You can play with colors by picking the right variety of flowers or apply it to the accessories such as fences and pergolas. 

Consider the color choices in your garden as an important part of landscape planning. The color you choose must reflect your personal style and the natural beauty of your city. You can pick blue color and apply to your fence to create a relax ambiance in your garden.
Take the time to plan a color scheme for your garden and make sure you can enjoy beautiful flowers for each season. For the relax nuance you can pick the flower in blue color and combined with red flowers to get a contrast look.

Colorful garden ideas with climbing roses and lavender that adorn the garden fence. This color of flowers can make your garden looks warm and calm.

Colorful garden ideas with blue and green plants with wooden fences. Choosing the plant in blue color is a good idea to get a different look in your garden.

Colorful garden ideas with colorful tulips make an amazing look in your garden. It can make your garden more cheerful and interesting.

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2. Form

Designing a landscape garden design ideas is not just about putting plants in the ground. You need to create harmony in it. Plants come in different sizes. If you can play with the composition, your garden design would be diverse yet appealing. 

Form can be defined as the external appearance of a clearly defined area, as distinguished from color form or material. If you want to make your garden looks interesting, you have to plant different size of plants.

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Wonderful landscape garden with planting features that are rich in texture and color and arranged neatly to give a beauty to the garden.

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To get a neat landscape design you can plant green grass and some bushes. Building small pond and give a small fountain to get interesting garden form.
Pots of Japanese maples line a gravel path to the rear of the house, accented by boxwoods clipped into globes.

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3. Line

This element refers to the border where you arrange the plants. It can also be interpreted by creating a frame in which the plants and décor are organized.

A charming landscape garden with frames of various types of flowering plants and bordered by stones arranged to enhance the garden’s decoration.
An attractive landscape garden with zig-zag lines to distinguish plants and grasses that beautify your garden.
A charming landscaped garden with a variety of elements that are limited by pebbles arranged for your garden decoration.
The stones arranged to limit the garden is the simplest way to give an attractive impression in your home garden.
In addition using stones, you can also use the plants themselves to create a beautiful garden line with the color of the flowers.

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4. Scale

In designing a garden landscape, you would deal with different sizes. Keeping the scale in mind would help you create a consistent proportion between one element and another. 

Attractive garden landscape with geometric arrangements to create a spacious garden impression.
The idea of ​​a landscape garden uses marble pavers and wooden decking to depict parks and entertainment areas.
Attractive garden landscapes by utilizing vertical hedge fence to create dramatic borders and much needed privacy.
Awesome garden landscape by creating a spacious view that includes a bistro table and a butterfly chair.
Flower pots with large size creates very vital flexibility in a small space.

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5. Texture

Applying varied texture to the garden landscape would create perspective and depth. As a whole design, the garden would appear alive. This element is important especially if you want to make a garden that is not about planting but also aesthetic. While there are rules to make the best landscape garden design ideas happen, sometimes it is not as easy as they say. There are overlapping elements that should be carefully planned. The right composition, a gardening skill, and a knowledge of the right elements would make your garden designing a success.

Landscape garden with a collection of terracotta pots and climbing vines to give a natural feel to your home.
This farmhouse garden is filled with everything needed by chickens including this magnificent chicken coop.
Vine-covered overhead arrows give the outer space a subtle feeling.
Garden landscape ideas with utilizing ancient aquifers to add water features that are truly extraordinary.
If you want to create a garden but can look aesthetic, you plan a garden considered to your needed. You can place antique chairs and old concrete table to fill your garden design. Beside can be used for relax space, it also can make your garden looks aesthetic and interesting.

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