What to Do Before Planning a Garden Landscape. These 4 tips to help you

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Whether you start new or redesigning a garden, it is always exciting to start a new project. Still, dealing with it is like facing a new canvas. Most of the time, you would have no idea where to start. But don’t worry. These tips will help you.

1. Start Researching

A good idea might come from varied inspirations. Try going to a public park or garden. Or, you can browse on the internet to look for a different style of gardens. For example, search for garden block wall design ideas to find inspirations on how concrete can work for it. Or, you can also look for themed garden ideas such as cottage garden, cactus garden pot ideas, English garden, and so on. Keep track of your research by drawing, taking notes, or keeping browser bookmarks. 

Garden landscape ideas with a garden with beautiful ornamental plants that used cinder block to provide minimalist garden looks.

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Clean and neat garden design with a concrete raised garden bed and combined with a charming wooden floor. This design is suitable for those of you who like a simple design.

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The modern English garden design with a blend of mini fountain and pond to get a classic look. To beautify your garden, completed with colorful blooming flowers.

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A lush garden design with a lot of plants to make your garden feels comfortable. Just completed with relax chair and seating area to perfect the design.

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A garden decoration in the cottage garden style with easy-to-care plant accents and pebbles that make it beautiful and comfortable.

A garden cottage with accents of green plants and beautiful flowers to freshen up your garden. Combined with wood and stone accents that provide a comfortable feel.

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2. Consider the Elements You Need

Some of the basic things that should be in a garden, regardless of its size, are walls, fences, paths, patios, lawns, plantings, water installation, zoning, and lighting. A garden can follow a specific style and the type of elements would follow. 

It is best to coordinate the garden style with the exterior design of your house. Once you pick a style, stick with it. Overlapping it with another theme would only make your garden look messy and unplanned. 

The simple patio design rattan chairs, blushes for the fence idea. Add some light on the blushes to give sophisticated look.

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If you like a classic look you can decorate your patio with simple seating area and bring stone touch. You can apply it for the floor idea. Completed with green grass to freshen up your yard.

Bring a classic touch to your garden by decorating the patio with stone floor and add rattan chairs. Added some plants and green grass to give a fresh look.

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A charming water garden design accented with stone floors and gravel plus wooden buildings that function for garden propagation.

Create a fresh backyard is a good idea if you want to bring a “forest” feels in your garden. You can plant a lot of kind of plants and completed with small water fall. It can make an amazing look to your garden.

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3. Pick Your Materials

There are a lot of materials that can be included in the design. Depending on the maintenance level, you can combine woods, timber, decks, concrete, block wall, sand, paving block, and many other things. Each of the material has its own durability and maintenance. If you are looking for long-lasting material, creating garden block wall design ideasmight be the right one for you.


A garden-style landscaping deck with a combination of vinyl wood complete with sofa and coffee table features. This material is suitable for those of your who like a classic style.

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Amazing ideas in the garden look cute with a combination of round paving stones and combined mini landscape garden accents.

A garden in the backyard of the house with paving stone accents combined with gravel. This is suitable for a long durability and easy maintenance.

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A garden landscape design with a simple patio and concrete path can make your garden looks beautiful. This material is has high quality, long durability and easy maintenance. So you don’t have to do much effort to maintain your garden.

Combining a wood and stones materials for your garden landscape are suitable to create a classic look in your garden. In other hand this material is have a good durability and easy maintenance.

A simple garden landscape with paving blocks and concrete raised garden bed to get a good durability and low maintenance.

A garden landscape decoration ideas with natural stone paving and in combination with beautiful grass gives an natural feel.

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A simple garden landscape idea with paving block to get a long durability and easy maintenance. Completed with green grass to give a fresh look in your garden.

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4. Look for Contractor

Though there are things that you can build, there is a lot of construction that need the help of a professional. You can find a trusted contractor and talk about the amount of work, the design, and the budget you have. Almost everything is negotiable, so you might want to have a discussion session before you start building. 

A garden should last for a long time with proper maintenance. If you are building one, make sure you make the best design that works for you, easy to maintain, and with the best materials that will last.

A simple landscape garden design with stone blocks and some plants to make your garden looks nice. You can place an old bench to complete the your garden design.

A garden ideas with concrete paths and wooden raised garden bed to enhance your yard look. Completed with green grass to freshen up your garden.

A selection of wood in a garden landscape combined with gravels to make your garden looks natural. Completed with vines, blushes and seating are to get interesting look.

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If you can’t design your backyard you can ask the contractor to design it. The simple garden design with concrete raised garden that merge with bench, may be you like to apply. Completed with artificial green grass to get fresh look.

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You can design your garden with some plants, green grass, and paving block for the flooring area. Completed with wooden fence to give a classic and natural look in your garden.

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Elegant garden decoration with garden accents using concrete building construction and paving blocks that give a modern feel.

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